About us

About us

Core Engineering field is mostly known for its diverse application. Its enormous vastness has created opportunity for everyone studying in this field or associated with this field. From the history of the mankind this field is ever evolving and highly dynamic.

Most of the students studying in this field are unaware of the fact that modern day core engineering has been completely automatized and digitalized. A professional of this field from the onset of planning to till the end can control the total processes of infrastructure through his/her combination of soft skill and field skills. Its control and plan can be completely governed by high end programmes and commercial packages widely used world wide. This are  “Engineering softwares”

CADCAM GLOBAL is targeting to become the Asia’s biggest network of professional trainers for this “Engineering softwares”. CADCAM GLOBAL is soon going to be Authorized Training Centre of most of the leading CORE ENGINEERING softwares of the country. The Team of CADCAM GLOBAL will not only impart soft skills but would also highly emphasize in Field skills through their “Training Schemes”. CADCAM GLOBAL would be providing the future training arm of many Core Engineering Software Companies in India and neighbouring countries.

“To make individuals confident, by imparting discipline and technical  training”

  • In this ever-changing world, wherever you see is a competitive place!
  • Are you skilled enough to take part in this competition?
  • Are you ready to face your future?
  • Do you have the knowledge that is highly required for future technological developments?

CADCAM GLOBAL Team believes that you could definitely contribute  this Core Engineering Field to give society a better tomorrow.

We are specialised in imparting skill development training and all types of technical assistance for amateur students to adept faculties. We work with the aim to make learning easier and interesting. The training courses are tailored that works best for you and your business.

CADCAM GLOBAL maintains the quality standard of facilities which when supported by our team of experienced and professionally qualified tutors creates an excellent environment for professional training.

Why us?

Our highly skilled faculty delivers standard as well as customized training and mentoring. Whether you’re a student, fresh professional, drafter, entrepreneur you’ll find a course that gives you the skill to get the most out of sophisticated technology tools.

  • CADCAM GLOBAL is targeting to be the Centre of Excellence in Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Engineering training in Core Engineering Field. The advance of engineering and technology is a prerequisite for our development. Our wide range of domain experience along with our customized delivery strategy responds to every need by offering individual, customized training and not just packaged products.
  • Our Centre realizes that in today’s era the quest for professional excellence will not solely be appeased by technical know-how or functional knowledge. The importance of soft skills cannot be over-emphasized in an age where so much significance is assigned to Interpersonal and Communication Skills. It thus goes without saying that if you don’t have the necessary soft skills to go with your other qualifications; you might not be able to make it up the corporate ladder easily.
  • CADCAM GLOBAL Centre pledge to equip professionals and students with complete skills to propel their career & lives towards excellence. We employ scientific development techniques which warrant a positive outlook in the approach of the learner.
  • Teaching & Learning process followed is at par with the quality norms laid as per the technical education Boards of India and we take dedicated efforts for assistance in placement of our students and guide them for their future career.

The in-house team is in regular touch with every field & software update across the country to know their requirements and to facilitate suitable product training.

Instructors which can lead a classroom, themselves undergo stringent practices, you can be rest assured to develop skill sets that are most relevant and industry specific.

What We Do

Students and Professionals:

At CADCAM GLOBAL, we provide various options and learning programs in-line with the engineering and academic curriculum proposed by various State Universities. Students can choose from various levels of CAD & CAE courses to fit their need and interest areas.

Students would be shown the prospects of the software which he or she is going to learn under or expert supervision.

Corporate Training:
At CADCAM GLOBAL, we understand that each organization has its unique demands as per their challenges. In today’s dynamically changing environment, sustaining in such work culture, retaining and scaling skilled design manpower is our prime concern.

Our team strives in:

  • Presenting content logically with more emphasis on graphical representation
  • Incorporating a syllabus, prepares the study materials, developing the courseware keeping in mind the mixed audience to cater to.
  • Using relevant examples and exposure to live projects to ensure that students have more hands-on practices.
  • Regularly reviews the curriculum and updates courses as needed.


On completion of a course at CADCAM GLOBAL

Students would get certificates which would be recognized not only nationally but globally as CADCAM GLOBAL is Authorised Education Partner of many Software Developing Organizations worldwide.

CADCAM GLOBAL would give cent percent assistance for Placement at different Corporate and Design offices throughout India as many of this companies are regular user of this complex Design Softwares.