Revit Architecture

Working with Revit, a BIM Software.
Course Description
Cotent of Course
BIM would be taught through Autodesk Revit Software
Basic theory of BIM
Hands on Case study of different types of Building through REVIT 3D with BIM approach

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Day Particulars of Class Theory Hours Lab Hour
1 Course Introduction
Introduction to Biulding Information Modelling (BIM) Part – 1
Features of Revit and Comaprison with Conventional 2D Drafting Softwares
Building Project Workflow
Guidance For Planning Structural Safe Buildings
Load Flow & Distribution in Buildings
1 1
2 Introduction to Revit Architecture & Revit Structure
Basic funtionality of Revit
Basic usage of line
Wall & Modification of Walls
Using Pre-difined Templates of Doors and Windows
1 2
3 Revit Structural Elements
Building By laws Following National Building Code of India (NBC)
Stair Case
1 2
4 Revit Structural Elements
Beams System
Grid Plan
1 2
5 Revit Structural Elements
Revision of using structural elements
Advance Part of Structural Elements
1 2
6 Reinforcement Detailing
Adding Load
Analysing in Robot
Detailing of a Beams in Detail
1 2
7 Site Planning
Selection, Copy, Paste
Contour Mapping with Volume of Cut Estimation
Landscsping and Beautification of a site
1 2
8 Sun path & Introduction to Building Performance Analysis
Introduction to BIM Part-II
Conceptual massing
Shadow Analysis
Wind rose diagram
Introduction to energy analysis
2 1
9 Project Assignment & Project Report Preperation
Handson exposure to Realistic Project
Import & Export of Templates and other files
Preparing project report
2 2
10 Final Exam & Certification
Course Evaluation & Feedback
2 2

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